When should I use Guilded?

Guilded is designed for freelancers who are working as 1099 contractors. So whether you are an actor, a designer, or a journalist, Guilded is right for you! Don’t have a contract with your client? That’s ok! Guilded’s staff would love to help set one up for you.

That being said, Guilded is not always the right fit for every freelancer or every gig. We know that not every client is formal and sometimes budgets are strictly limited. If you are just helping out a friend who is going to pay you a few bucks for your support, or if the client you are working with has a very small budget and can’t afford the 6.5% fee, then don’t worry about running them through Guilded.

Still not sure if a particular contract you are working on is a good fit? Reach out! Our staff would love to learn more about your work and help you decide if using Guilded makes sense.

To start getting a client processed through Guilded , please schedule an intake session with one of our staff.

We will walk you through inputting the relevant information and discussing the terms of the contract as well as setting up your electronic payment process.