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Guilded is a freelancer cooperative that focuses on the agency, decision making and economic power of the freelancer. Our vision is deeply informed by the work of the United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives (USFWC). Since 2004, the USFWC has leveraged the collective bargaining, scale, and organizing power of a national membership structure to pool benefits and build political and social influence for its members. Now, through Guilded, a freelancer cooperative, the USFWC is using its expertise to bring the power of pooled benefits, collective purchasing, and collective advocacy to freelance and gig economy workers. Guilded provides contract management, invoicing, guaranteed payments, tax preparation and access to supplementary health care - so that you can focus on what you do best. Click below to learn more and let Guilded help you process your next contract.
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Contract and Invoicing Support

Guilded supports you through contract creation and invoicing of your clients. We meet and discuss deliverables with you, while reviewing your contracts. Furthermore, by processing your contracts through Guilded, you get access to our Guaranteed Payment Pool which protects you from delayed and delinquent payments.
These services are provided to you through an overhead fee which Guilded charges your clients which then offset the costs of the benefits you receive as a Guilded user.

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Tax Preparation

Get support with your taxes through Guilded. By processing your contracts through us, we centralize your finances while pairing you with Certified Public Accountants that can guide you in filing your state and federal taxes, at no additional cost to you for the base filing.Invoice and collect payments from your clients through Guilded and stop losing sleep around tax season!

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Health Care Access

Good health is key! Let Guilded help you with your health needs by joining one of our partner Direct Primary Care clinics. Through Guilded, we pay your monthly subscription fee so you have access to regular checkups and check-ins along with any discounted bulk prescription medicine prices offered at your clinic. We also provide vision and dental insurance plans which you can use throughout the year.

Get Protection Against Wage Theft

While other platforms are primarily concerned about meeting the needs and wants of clients, Guilded is here for you. Our services are tailored toward providing freelancers with their immediate financial and social needs. That’s why we want to hear from you!Do you have a story of a time a client refused to pay ? Tell us about it below to help gather information for our partners at the Freelancers Union who are working to pass legislation to protect all freelancers against wage theft.

And remember that Guilded’s Guaranteed Payment pool is one immediate way to protect yourself against wage theft!
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