Health Care Access

Your mind and your body are essential. 

At Guilded, we believe that our collective well-being begins with access, options, and flexibility. Whether you’re a new user or a long-time member, Guilded can source or supplement your healthcare needs.

Guilded offers supplementary health care benefits. What this means is that Guilded’s health care offerings are not substitutes for traditional health insurance. This also means you can pair Guilded’s supplementary health care with separate insurance options.

We currently offer subsidized Direct Primary Care (DPC) for Philadelphia-based users. DPC includes Primary Care services, reduced prescription drug prices, and standard lab work. DPC providers work outside of the health insurance models of PPO, HMO and POS and charge monthly fees. These providers do not charge co-pays for in-person or telehealth visits. We vet health care partners based on their cultural competence. We partner with providers who value the needs of LGBTQ+ and POC patients.

We currently offer access DPC in the Philadelphia area, and we are planning to expand the subsidized DPC benefit to other metro areas soon.

Guilded is currently offering the following health benefits:


  • Subsidized Direct Primary Care in the Philadelphia area [Radiance Medical Group]


  • Vision and Dental [Freelancer Union]

Questions? Schedule a consultation with our Membership Services Manager.