Base fees and cost

The service is complimentary for users of Guilded who have processed contracts equal or more than $750 through Guilded. The following are included with the federal and state filing. Please note state filing is limited to particular states.

  • Federal Form 1040 with 1 Schedule C & 1 State filing in Pennsylvania, DC, Maryland, Virginia, New York and California ; includes franchise tax filing for DC residents who provide necessary information
  • Includes business use of home, if there is only one home and no improvements have been done to the home
  • Includes business use of one vehicle, with no vehicles sold during the tax year
  • Business has no depreciable assets
  • Married or single
  • No dependents
  • No sales of stock or virtual currency
  • No additional schedules beyond those covered by the above

Services that require additional fees are below:

  • Dependents
  • For each dependent in college claiming education credits
  • Each additional business (additional Schedule C)