Creatives and Commons: Building the solidarity economy for working artists

As part of the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperative’s 2022 Worker Co-op Conference, Guilded and Art.Coop are co-organizing a full-day track called:

Creatives and Commons: Building the Solidarity Economy for Working Artists
Saturday, September 10, 10-5 PM EST

In person in Philadelphia!

The day will bring together practicing artists, funders, arts organizations, and co-op developers 

for conversation and strategy to improve working conditions for artists. 

The deadline to register for the Worker Co-op Conference is August 26. 

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Hope to see you there!

Agenda for “Creatives & Commons”

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  1. Morning Session: How are we relating?
    Facilitators: Ebony Gustave + Hope Ghazala
    1. Artists and the Solidarity Economy: Supporting Artists as Workers and Artists as Owners
    2. Building Relationality in the field
    3. Anchoring definitions
  1. Case Studies
    1. Artist Employment Program and Coop Investigations 
      Presenter: Creatives Rebuild NY
      1. Artist Employment Program
      2. Investigation into a cooperative model
      3. Registration-Based Models/GI experiments (NY and SF)
    2. The Artist Collective Experience  
      Presenter: Ty White, ZEAL
    3. Creative Approaches to funding cooperatives
      Presenters: Confirmed: Chris Tittle & Ricardo Nunez, Sustainable Economies Law Center 
  2. Stakeholder Conversations
    Breakout groups (artists, funders, ecosystem stewards) reflect and respond to the case studies. 
  3. Closing Full Group Discussion/Call to Action
    Facilitator: Maura Cuffie-Peterson, Creatives Rebuild New York