For Partners and Funders

Invest in Guilded and support freelancer rights.

What kind of organization is Guilded?

Guilded is a Limited Cooperative Association (LCA) incubated by the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives.  Donations run through Guilded’s non-profit 501c3  fiscal sponsor, the Democracy at Work Institute, are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

What IS a Limited Cooperative Association?

LCAs are a relatively new entity type offering a balance of flexibility, self-determination, cooperative identity and protection for cooperative principles. LCAs, like traditional corporations, are for-profit, member-owned business structures that adhere to seven widely recognized cooperative principles.

For Private Investors:

The Benefits of Investing in a Limited Cooperative Association

Guilded’s cooperative and LCA model have certain advantages, including:

  • Safer returns
  • Higher success rate over the long-term
  • Greater user trust, based on centering members
  • More resilient business model through economic cycles
  • Lower workforce attrition and higher employee morale
  • More stable governance
  • Alignment of interest between members and investors
  • Leadership focused on producing long-term value to stakeholders
  • Shared profits creates motivated network of user-members
  • Positive economic impact in communities
  • More transparent and democratic decision-making processes 

Return on Investment

Like traditional corporations or LLC’s, LCAs can generate returns for investors. LCAs, as member-owned and democratically-governed entities grow and operate sustainably for the benefit of their members and thus do not set out with the objective of undergoing a liquidity event. Consequently, the primary mechanism for generating a return on investment is through sustainable operations and profitability.