Chip Sinton

A committed abolitionist & internationalist, alleged poet, and on-dit queer comedian, Chip Sinton brings a passion and aptitude for development and implementation to Guilded’s vision of collective, creative worker power. Before joining Guilded, Chip wore a variety of private sector hats (operations, process analytics, consulting, copy, and market analysis) in the USA and China to support his not yet overcome need for housing and food. He joined liberation movements young, co-authoring a Student Rights Handbook w/ the ACLU, being detained with Food Not Bombs, and serving as President of the National Youth Rights Association before age 18; after a surprise recognition by the UN Youth Assembly, he set out on a multi-year project to figure out how to be a little more chill and, with any luck, a good friend.

In this decade, he’s proud to have worked with Reclaim Philadelphia’s Mass Liberation Task Force and the Philadelphia Childcare Collective, contributed to a variety of refugee and migrant projects, presented as an independent scholar at Theorizing The Web, and to have received an Anuvad Fellowship to experiment with contemporary poetics in Assam, India. Always looking for a good book recommendation, he can’t stop reading but now you get to.