Lori Herrera

Lori is the Outreach Manager at Guilded, building relationships with Creatives and Freelancers on the West Coast. 

Born and raised in Ohlone lands Yelamu and Karkin (San Francisco & Vallejo, CA), Lori is a Mixed Brown Artist, Mother, Daughter, Grandmother, Culture Bearer, and Arts Administrator focused on centering BIPOC Artists, Racial Justice and Equity in Arts.

Her artistry includes body painting, makeup and special effects, she is a musician, POOR poet, Poverty Scholar, revolutionary Writer, and Journalist for POOR Magazine. As an Organizer & Activist, Lori fights for justice alongside impacted families of police terror & murder as a Board Member with FAM21, for unhoused citizens and access to fair & affordable housing with Vallejo Housing Justice Coalition, and works at the intersection of arts, culture and community as a founding member of MixedKollective.