Can I use Guilded’s services without becoming a member?

Although Guilded encourages all its users to become members so they can exercise their right to governance and sharing in the economic profit of the cooperative, you are not required to become a member of Guilded in order to use its services.

Are there any fees or subscriptions I have to pay in order to use Guilded?

There are no fees for freelancers, contractors and LLCs which use Guilded.

By using Guilded am I becoming a contractor or employee of Guilded?

When you use Guilded you remain a contractor of your client.

How will using Guilded impact my taxes?

How Guilded’s services are reflected on your taxes depends on the classifications you choose when filing and whether you remain a user or become a member. If you are interested in setting up a discussion to learn more please feel free to reach out to us at members@guilded.coop.